Rent from 18 years.

pr-t. Yamasheva, 95, Car Wash «Moidodyr»

Стаж не имеет значения. Аренда с 18 лет.

24 часа

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Customer reviews of our rental service

  • Oleg


    Ездили из Казани в Альметьевск, на своем личном авто не рискнули, не надежный... Взяли внедорожник , остались довольны! Спасибо Дакар116!

  • Ruslan


    I got into an accident on my car, gave repairs for 14 days, the guys offered a car with a good discount, because the rent was more than a week! I was satisfied, I rode a Toyota similar to my personal one! Thank you for the service, efficiency and reliability of wheelbarrows!

  • Elena


    we arrived in Kazan, decided to rent a car for the first time in my life. Worried about what and how... But the guys dispelled all our doubts . Everything went quickly and without incident! We took the red corolla, everyone was satisfied!

  • Rishad


    rented Polik, 2018. For economy class, a great car, almost perfect condition, I recommend it!

  • Sergey Vasilyevich


    We took a car with my spouse for a trip to Moscow in 2019. The staff is responsible and cheerful! And most importantly professional.

  • Ilnur


    We took Rav4 for a trip around Kazan , we liked everything , we issued it in 10 minutes . I recommend it

  • Anna Sergeevna


    We stayed at the Nogai Hotel, saw the advertisement and took a car, spent a total of 30 minutes, from the call to the trip. Cool! Thanks

  • Farid


    We came to Kazan to rent a car, it was the first rental experience. Everything's fine, thanks.

  • Linar Karimov


    I rented a Cruzac 200 in the company, with a driver, picked up my wife from the hospital. Everything is on top, the guys even helped with the luggage. Thank you for helping to organize the holiday!

  • Rustam A.


    I took Rav4 for a trip to Almetyevsk, they quickly issued it right at the reception of the Nogai hotel. The car is clean, comfortable. I recommend it.

  • Ruslan Abdulaev


    My personal car broke down, I took a replacement car for a week, the guys gave me a new Polo, and they also gave me a discount. I recommend it

  • Алиса Зеленчук


    In September, we went to Kazan with a large company (7 people). We thought we would have to rent 2 cars, but we found an 8-seater Hyundai in Dakar. They issued it very quickly, took it away and left to conquer Kazan! The car is new, comfortable, in perfect condition. Thanks to the Dakar company, you made our trip unforgettable!

  • Aliya K.


    We came to Kazan, on a business trip, lived in O.Nogai, they rented a car there. Convenient, reliable and fast! Thanks

  • Gulnara


    I rented a Range Rover Evok, comfortably shot all the sights of my homeland, flew in from Moscow, the car was delivered to the airport, convenient!Thanks to the managers, we had a nice chat! See you soon !

  • Regina


    Сломался свой автомобиль, арендовали на неделю Фольксваген Поло, в компании Дакар116. По цене все устроило, машина новая практически, вопросов никаких не возникало, откаталась на отлично!!! Спасибо ребятам!

  • Rinat Azatovich


    The company is relatively new, there were doubts before taking the car, BUT we are pleasantly surprised by the service and the speed of paperwork! We rented a Mazda 6, everything is fine, we are satisfied!

  • Sergey Sergeevich


    I ordered a Solaris with delivery to the airport. Despite the fact that the flight was at two o'clock in the morning, the car was driven without any problems. Good service, good car. I liked everything.

  • Ekaterina and Sergey.


    We rented a minibus so that our whole big friendly family of six people could go on vacation to Bashkiria for the weekend. The car was brought to the house, the transfer was fast. Technically, the van is in good condition, it is clear that the car was followed. Inside everything is also very clean, pleasant aroma, no dust. There were no problems during the three days of operation. We returned it on time, we didn't find fault with anything at the reception of the car. It was very nice to deal with the Dakar 116, if next time I need a car, I will turn to them again.

  • Kirill Ivanov.


    In Dacar116 I rented a Renault Duster for a day. I was planning to buy this SUV model for myself and decided to try it out in action in this way in order to find out all the pros and cons. Rented without problems and unnecessary red tape. I passed back very easily. Very convenient service. By the way, I liked the car. Now I'm driving my own one.

  • Michael.


    I rented a car for two days while my own was being repaired. I used the rental services for the first time and was completely satisfied. Normal service, a large selection of cars, everything is as good as new. I took a Volkswagen Polo purely for work trips. The car is in very good condition, clean both outside and inside. Good company, if you need a rental car, I will contact you here again.

  • Ivan_85


    The whole family came to rest in Kazan. We rented a Largus for 4 days to drive around the whole city on our own and take a ride around the neighborhood. I liked everything very much. The car is serviceable, very clean. We had it delivered directly to the airport, which was also very convenient. We have already reached the hotel on our own.

  • Indira M.


    I ordered a transfer to the airport for relatives from Germany, as I could not meet them myself. The car was booked through the website, everything is very simple and easy. The driver arrived exactly at the specified time, helped to place the luggage and was generally very polite. The relatives were satisfied. I recommend the company.))

  • Rustam


    Часто бываю в Казани по работе и всегда беру автомобиль с водителем в Дакар116. Хороший сервис, всегда ухоженные автомобили, корректные и что самое важное молчаливые водители). Однозначно лучше любого такси.

  • Nikolai Kolesnikov


    I rented a car in Dakar 116 for a three-day visit to Kazan. I have been using the company's services for several years, previously in Orenburg I often ordered transfers to / from the airport for business partners, so I am confident in the quality of cars and service. This time everything also went perfectly: the car is almost new and very well-groomed, delivered to the airport, I also handed it over at the airport a couple of hours before departure. A good reliable company.

Experience does not matter. Rent from 18 years.