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The Dacar116 team is taking part in a grand event in the Silk Road Rally Marathon!

Dacar Group of Companies took part in the Silk Road Marathon!

Dacar 116, Dacar102, Dacar56 touched one of the largest rally-raid competitions in the world.

The Silk Road Rally was held for the first time in 2009, connecting Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. Then the race was held on the initiative of the presidents of the three states and with their personal participation in the award ceremony of the winners. The name "Silk Road" emphasizes the Eurasian nature of the marathon and its connecting role for the countries of the Great Silk Road region. From 2010 to 2013, about a thousand athletes from 30 countries took part in the rally driving SUVs and trucks.

The Silk Road Rally started on July 6 in Irkutsk.

For the first time in the history of the rally, the motorcycle classification of the International Motorcycle Federation (FIM) was introduced.
Alexander Maksimov, who is the current world champion, represents our country in the quadrocyclists' standings!
SUVs are the most popular category of the "Silk Road" - more than 50 crews came to the start. 12 Russian crews will lead the fight for victory. Among them is Andrey Rudskoy, the winner of the World Cup of the International Automobile Federation #FIA in rally raids in the T2 standings, and the champions of Russia in classic rally - Sergey Uspensky, Evgeny Sukhovenko and Alexey Ignatov. In the T3 standings, the favorite will be the DAKAR champion in the ATV standings Sergey Karyakin, in the same category the only racer in the car standings Tatiana Sycheva will perform. 
The largest representation in the SUV standings at the start of the rally in China is 19.

Our team has become a part of a grand rally marathon! That's great! We are proud to participate in such a large-scale event.

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