Rent from 18 years.

Стаж не имеет значения. Аренда с 18 лет.

24 часа

Lease out your car for "DACARTUR"

"DACARTUR" offers cooperation!!

The service of leasing out vehicles is in great demand which is growing every year.

Leasing out a vehicle is a promising and profitable business that brings good dividends.

In 2020, a lease out car service can cost from 1,500 rubles for a budget version of the car and from 12,000 rubles or more for a business and premium car daily.

«DACARTUR» will accept your car for leasing out on beneficial terms

We invite car owners to become part of our team!

For our part we guarantee the purity / transparency of the transactions!
You yourself can track your car, and receive dividends every month.
The cooperation scheme is very simple - YOU get 70% of each transaction!

Cars must be in good technical condition and have an attractive exterior.
Additional conditions for insurance, makes and models of cars, years of manufacture,

You can find out phoning  - 8 (967) 779-6-116.

Experience does not matter. Rent from 18 years.