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Стаж не имеет значения. Аренда с 18 лет.

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Tourist Information Center of Kazan

We present to your attention our partners!

The guys help to create the comfort of tourists' stay in Kazan.

- Providing information support to the guests of the city in Russian, Tatar, English and Japanese at the offices of the Tourist Information Center, as well as by phone: +7 (843) 29 29 777( during working hours) and +7 9172 305 605 (after hours);

- Booking rooms in any of 130 hotels in Kazan;

- Conducting group regular excursions around Kazan and the surrounding area (schedule of the Kazan Excursion Center);

- Organization of individual excursions in Kazan and the Republic of Tatarstan with highly professional guides in Russian and other languages of the world;

- Provision of transfer services and transport services on comfortable buses and cars of various levels;

- Organization of meeting and accompanying guests, including with elements of national interactive;

- Organization of national interactive programs: "Tatar Kalyapush" and "Fun in Tatar";

- Service to guests of the city according to the unique program "WEEKEND In KAZAN" with accommodation in the best hotels of the city with a 40% discount%;

- Possibility of booking conference halls with the necessary equipment, organization of conferences, seminars and working meetings of various formats;

- Registration of invitations for foreign citizens to enter the Russian Federation, assistance in solving visa issues (accreditation to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation);

- Provision of guides, interpreters and accompanying services;

- Release and distribution of the "Tourist map of Kazan" in the offices of the TICIn Kazan, in all hotels of the city and at the Kazan International Airport (conditions for placing advertising information on the map can be found here).

- Publication of the annual catalog of accommodation facilities of Kazan and the republic of "Hospitable Tatarstan" (hotels and sanatoriums) (conditions of participation can be found here).

The Kazan TIC promotes the city of Kazan in the domestic and international tourist markets:

- organizes participation in specialized exhibitions;

- conducts advertising and press tours;

- publishes advertising products and conducts presentations of the tourist potential of the city at various levels;

- interacts with tour operators and hotels in order to coordinate the promotion of Kazan and the Republic of Tatarstan. /
Bauman Street, 49, Kazan

Experience does not matter. Rent from 18 years.