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Стаж не имеет значения. Аренда с 18 лет.

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Frequently asked questions about car rental in Kazan

  • All our cars are insured under CASCO and OSAGO.

  • Of course, you can return the car at a convenient time for you. During working hours, this can be done in our office free of charge. You can also invite a specialist to pick up a vehicle anywhere in the city - the cost is from 500 rubles.
    During non-working hours from 21:00 to 9:00, the cost of receiving a car in our office is from 500 rubles, the departure of a specialist is from 1000 rubles. The cost depends on the distance.

  • The advantage of our company is that we issue cars without driving experience. At the discretion of the security service, "young" drivers may be increased the amount of the security deposit.

  • The mileage limit per day is 300 km. Premium segment - 150 km per day. If you have exceeded the daily limit, then each subsequent kilometer is charged at 10 rubles/km, the premium segment at 15 rubles/km.
    The mileage is summed up, depending on the number of rental days. For example: when renting for 2 days, the total mileage will be 600 km. for the first day you can drive 100 km., for the second - 500 km.

  • When issuing a car, the remaining mileage to refueling is recorded, indicated in the on-board computer. When returning a car with a fuel level lower than at the time of issue, the client undertakes to reimburse the distributor for the missing part of the fuel at the gas station prices valid at the time of car delivery (55 rubles as of 27.01.23). In other cases, fuel and lubricants are not recalculated.

  • First of all, call the call center at tel. 8-800-500-00-18, 8-903-360-00-80. Our specialist will consult you by phone and, if necessary, will go to the place of the accident.
    In any case, almost all cars are insured under CASCO and OSAGO, and you are protected from large financial losses, with due observance of the insurance rules and registration of an insured event.

  • We wash the cars immediately before renting and give them in a clean condition, we also ask you to return it in a clean condition.
    If, upon returning the car, the dirty condition makes it difficult to inspect it, then it is carried out only after washing the car.
    Washing should be complete: body + interior. For your convenience, next to the office of our company there is a car wash, the services of which you can pay in accordance with the tariffs depending on the class of the car. And we will take care of everything ourselves.
    If you decide to wash the car yourself before returning, then you need to take into account that we will withhold 300 rubles for a maintenance wash before issuing it to another client (body, floor mats).

  • Of course, we can deliver the car at any place and time convenient for you. The cost of car delivery depends on the time of day, distance from the office and is calculated individually. Basic tariff - from 500 rubles. during working hours from 9:00 to 21:00.

  • Yes, you can return the car in any city. An important point - if the car is not needed for rental in a given city and we have to drive it back, then the cost of the drive is paid by the client. In any case, all conditions are discussed individually.

  • Yes, there is a deposit, it depends on the class of the car from 10,000 to 50,000 rubles.

  • Two documents are enough: a passport and a driver's license.
    For foreign citizens, a notarized translation of documents is also required.

  • The deposit is the amount of money that the client pays for the rental period, depending on the class of the car.
    In the event of an accident-free ride, the deposit is fully refundable.
    A deposit of 2,500 rubles is withheld in case of possible fines, for a period of 10 working days from the end of the car rental.
    The refund takes place in two stages. The deposit is returned to you within 24 hours after the acceptance of the car, and the deposit of 2,000 rubles - after 30 working days. If the fines are not received, then the amount of the deposit for fines will be returned in full to the details you specified.
    The return of the deposit does not release you from liability for fines, if any, after you receive the deposit. If you violated the rules of the road and received a fine, we will provide all the data with a photo and the date of the violation.
    You can independently check the presence of fines according to the car (number, series of registration certificate and state number of the car) specified in the rental agreement.

  • You compensate the rental company for the costs of paying the fines you received during the rental of the car. If you have violated the rules of the road and a fine has come, we will provide all the data with a photo, the date of the violation. At the same time, in addition to paying the amount of the fine, the Lessee reimburses the Renter indirectly

  • Yes, but you need to inform us about it in advance in order to make appropriate changes to the contract, this can be done remotely. Without entering data about the new driver into the rental agreement, transferring the steering wheel to such is prohibited!

  • Yes, you can. The conditions are as follows:
    -when renting a car for a day or two, the recalculation of the tariff and the return of the rental payment is not made;
    -when renting a car for a period of three or more days, we hold the lease for one day following the date of the request for early return of the car, we return the rest of the money for the rental to the details you specified at the time of returning the car.
    Please: if you intend to return the car in advance, please inform us in advance.

Experience does not matter. Rent from 18 years.