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Стаж не имеет значения. Аренда с 18 лет.

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Car rental without experience in Kazan

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    Car rental without experience in Kazan

    Buying your own car is an expensive pleasure. Having received the driving license and wanting to refine the skills acquired in a driving school, novice drivers often turn to companies offering rental cars. Most of the companies refuse to provide services upon learning of a lack of driving experience. The rental company "DACARTUR" meets the needs of people who have just gotten a driving license or didn’t have time to buy a car, but urgently need it. We offer clean and in good working  order cars for rent in Kazan, without imposing restrictions on age or driving experience.

    Why is a request of an unexperienced driver declined? There are several reasons:

    • the renter is worried that without the driving experience it is impossible to ensure the safety of the vehicle;
    • according to statistics about 20% of road traffic accidents are caused by beginners who are driving for the first year;
    • doubts about the seriousness of the intentions of a too young or unexperienced lessee.

    An ideal driver for most companies is over the age of 21 and has a practical driving experience of at least 24 months. What to do if one needs a car rental, but the does not meet the basic requirements?

    Car rental without driving experience in DACARTUR

    Alternatively, use a car rental service with a professional driver. This will avoid responsibility for the car and feel comfortable in the passenger seat. If you want to practice driving while there is no way to afford your own car, contact a trusted rental organization that will consider you a reliable tenant.

    DACARTUR places confidence in its customers! We have been providing rental cars for drivers from the age of 18. It is possible to rent a car from us from economy to business class for any period. All vehicles are regularly inspected, they are comfortable and in good working order, do not have stickers and other markings indicating that the car was rented. Keep learning to drive, don't let your driving license get dusty and gain confidence on the road!

    Experience does not matter. Rent from 18 years.